Thursday, August 10, 2017

Resting in Astoria, OR

Yesterday we rode into Astoria, OR. Goonies territory. Sea lions barking down at the docks. Painted ladies gracing the hillsides.

The morning started out very foggy, with a misting just enough to make wearing sunglasses annoying, but not wearing the sunglasses was even more annoying.

When we reached the ferry at Cathlamet, the sun started making gains against the fog. The temperature went from the mid 50's to 80 in a blink. My hands could finally warm up.

The final 26 miles to Astoria offered up some hills. Nothing that Sweetness couldn't handle, but I did hear a deep creaking coming from the crank. The front and back derailleurs need adjustment, too. No wonder after four days of 8% - 15% grades. A lot of mashing of the pedals going on. Hopefully, that'll ease up some. Hopefully.

Today's a rest day. I slept in the church proper, in a back corner. Alone. No one else chose the church to settle in for the night or for today. The quiet is bliss.

The days leading up to leaving home, I asked my husband to not call me, not text me, not email me. I need the time for me. He needs time to figure some things out for himself. I knew my mandate would be very difficult for him. But we both need some time to breathe. At least I do. We have talked, though, and texted. Not as much as we did when I did the Northern Tier last summer, so he is trying to abide by my wishes. And to be honest, it is nice talking with him after a day on the bike. But I know I need distance, both physical and emotional. The anger I've been harboring for so long began to diminish when I moved out, and I'm hoping being even further away will help me to continue finding a way past the anger.

Today has been lovely. I walked to the docks this morning, found a coffee shop where I ate quiche and drank chai while watching barges coming and going. I meandered around town, finding the Goonies house where there's a Do Not Walk or Drive Up to See the House! sign. I did get a picture of the sign, and when I walked a ways back down the block, I could see the house well enough to get a decent photo. From there, I went to the bike shop, then walked back to the SafeWay to buy groceries for the trailer and for my lunch/dinner today.

Tomorrow, a few of us are planning to stop along the way to go clamming. I've never been clamming, so this should be an interesting adventure. I am so looking foward to seeing the coast.

My breakfast: Can't complain about that view!

Saw some truly beautiful flower gardens on my walk.

The Goonies house: I couldn't walk up to it, but I was able to get a decent photo.

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