Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thinking about Returning

Yep. I'm seriously considering leaving the space where I'd built my website and returning to A Clunk Upstairs. I've not totally committed to doing so, and I still have five months left for the year I've paid for to use the space, but I'm realizing I had a pretty good thing going right here.

I've never felt totally at home in the other spot, not like I did here. And being here right now feels perfect, like I've slipped my hands into well-worn gloves without tears in the seams or holes at the end of the fingertips.

So, I think I'll slowing return and phase out the other space at the same time.

To be continued . . . (and this just put a huge smile on my face, which tells me I'm making the right decision).

1 comment:

Thryn said...

Won't lie. I missed you in this space! :)