Monday, May 19, 2014

Floating Around in Limbo

And another semester has come to an end.

Grades are in. Self-eval has been completed and sent to my boss. Just a few odds and ends, tidying up some paperwork matters remain. Nothing pressing. Ahhhhhh.

While I'm happy to have reached the end of the semester and am more than ready to launch into summer, I know for a few days I'll wander around in a daze, feeling like I don't know what to do. This happens nearly every May. After five months of being in overdrive then suddenly finding myself in neutral, the no demands on me throw me into a sort of limbo, as if I'm floating slowly and haphazardly through space. Usually I need a week to find my bearings.

To help myself get a grip more quickly this go-round, and to get some mileage in place before my "real" ride begins June 1, I committed myself to getting up early and going out for 25-30 miles each morning this week. Yesterday was Day 1, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer morning. Though it was on the cool side, the sun was shining, making for a very pleasant ride. This morning, Day 2, was not so pleasant. Rainy, windy, chilly. I very easily could have said, "Nope. Not going." Believe me, I wavered. But then I thought about why I'm riding this summer, and the notion that those with MS don't get a day off from pain, from spasms, from incontinence just because it happens to be raining was all I needed to get me out the door. Discomfort for me is temporary. Discomfort for those with MS is permanent.

Tomorrow, Day 3, is supposed to be warmer but even more windy than it is today. As is Day 4. Sigh. Time to dig deep and muster up the gumption to embrace my old training partner, El Viento. On the bright side, the calories burned on these rides means I get to eat. A lot. And for some reason, the one food I tend to crave after riding is french fries. Not quite sure why. I just go with it and enjoy.

Just thinking about being out, racking up miles and burning calories, is making me want to go out again today. I think I really could go for another slow 10 or 15 this evening.

Love reaching the end of the semester.

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