Sunday, April 27, 2014

Small Moments

Wednesday I received the all-clear from the doc to return to whatever activities I wish. He seemed pleased with my healing and said to check in in three weeks, so I bounced out of his office, happy, happy, happy. My mind since then has turned to getting back on the bike, but I have three more weeks of school, family obligations sometimes come first (actually all the time come first), and the weather is up and down, making getting on the bike a bit difficult.

I was able to ride to work Friday, and it was just so pleasant. As I passed the crossing guard at the elementary school, as the kids were arriving for the day, he checked his watch and called, "I'm timing you!" I replied that my speed was a constant slow. He laughed and waved. On my return later that afternoon, he called, "There she is! I'm still timing you!" I was still just meandering along, in no hurry.

Yesterday, I had hoped to get out for a 10 miler, but the trip to Chicago for a birthday lunch went longer than I anticipated. A few years ago I would have been annoyed by not being able to do something I really wanted to do, but yesterday, I didn't mind at all. I was in the company of my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, and friends of the MIL, all celebrating my  MIL's 88th birthday. We ate, laughed, caught up with each other, and simply enjoyed being together. The afternoon flew by, and before I knew it, daylight was fading. The memories, though, of my MIL beaming over the fact that we were all there to celebrate her, are still very bright.

Today the gardens were calling, so I spent time cleaning and tilling. By the time I finished, the storm clouds were moving in, with thunder rumbling in the distance. No sooner had I put all the tools away that it started raining. And it's supposed to rain for the next three days, so cycling might not be happening for a few days. Maybe I'll use the rainy days to get my yearly self-eval done for work. Maybe.

With just a month remaining before I begin my summer cycling adventure of getting to know central Illinois, I need to get some mileage under my belt. Then again, I could just go into it with the mindset of letting the chips fall where they may. My rides will be for pleasure, for raising MS awareness, and for getting to know what's right here in my backyard. I'll not be racing. These days, I prefer slow. I prefer settling in, immersing myself in the moment. That's the direction I'm leaning for the summer,  mileage or no mileage before June 1st. 

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