Saturday, December 21, 2013

Brightly Colored Happiness

There's just something truly satisfying about working with wool roving and soap. I think it's the patience factor--wrapping the soap takes patience, allowing the wool to dry takes patience, and creating the decorative image takes patience. Being forced to slow down, to not rush through the process is akin to how to live a full life: slowly, savoring it, examining it carefully along the way.

As I was working on the three pieces of felted soap this morning, my thoughts turned to my mom. Today marks two years since her death. I think about Mom nearly every day, but my thoughts have been full of her since November, the anniversary for her collapse and subsequent health decline. I didn't fully realize how sad I was feeling during the last few weeks until a friend messaged me via FB, saying she was thinking about me and hoping I was doing okay. The tears came so easily when I read her note, and I finally let them have free rein. Giving in to the sadness felt good, cleansing. Maybe that's another reason I'm so enjoying working with the felted soaps--creating a beautiful  as well as a happy way to cleanse oneself.


Randall Brison said...

You hit it right on head with this one. The holidays are a poignant reminder of who's still in this life, and tears are a great cleanser. May God bless you and yours -- Merry Christmas.

JK said...

Merry Christmas a couple days late! Hope you're well and enjoying the last days of 2013.