Monday, December 17, 2012

So Many Fabrics to Choose From!

I decided to use fabric to cover the back of the cabinet, behind the shelves, so I took some time today to browse the rows of fabrics at the local hobby store. Tons of choices! Too many, really. I picked out three and asked for 1/8th of a yard of each just to tack them against the back and see how they look. Of the three, the black with bright flowers is the one I like most, with the white/flowers coming in a close second. I don't like the white/Paris motif at all, so that one's out of the running. I'm actually considering returning to the store tomorrow to purchase three more swatches; I saw several other patterns I really like, and I don't want to settle just yet.

Another idea I had was to wait until I paint the entire cabinet to see what happens with the color. Lovely Beautiful Daughter and I are going to take a short road trip tomorrow to see about paint. The only place that carries it, a small second-hand store, is about 20 miles west. I'm going to talk with the owner to get her input on painting and how best to go about making the china cabinet look as awesome as possible. According to the paint manufacturer's website, no sanding is needed before using this paint. I'm hoping this is true. Not having to sand such a large piece would definitely make a difference in how long it will take to rehab it.

Thinking about what to do with this cabinet helped me get through my root canal this morning. I cycled to the dentist, enjoying the brisk air, and was ushered right in upon arrival. While Doc did his work, I thought about what color would work best in our kitchen/dining area. I also thought about how I finally have a place to put my turn-table and albums, and I can listen to my vinyls every single day. All because someone decided to throw this wonderful piece of furniture on the curb, and I happened to see it because I was cycling by. The root canal was over before I knew it.

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