Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caught in a Vortex

Sometimes life smacks you hard. Really hard. While I'm sitting here wondering how in the world I'm going to manage financing my bike shop dream, I find out a good friend has been dealt a double whammy: first her mom is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and then she finds out the umbilical cord of her unborn child has two vessels instead of the normal three. While this happens and a large percentage of babies with two-vessel umbilical cords are born without any complications, just knowing a chance for complications exists creates fear. My friend is full of fear right now, for her unborn child and for her mom. No words can comfort her. Even a hug seems trivial.

Life. Such sadness sometimes.


Stephanie said...

It's all about perspective.

JK said...

You know, I'm really tired of hearing it's all abut perspective. It gets bandied about so much that it's lost any meaning, and it seems to me saying it's all about perspective is a cop out. I want to help my friend, not sit here and just write about how sad I am over her situation and say, "Well, it's all about perspective." I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but the whole perspective thing gets me going these days.

Penny said...

Sometimes there just isn't words. Fear of the unknown is so overwhelming. Helping her focus on something-anything would be the most comforting. Hugs are a good start even if they seem trivial, it means more than you know that you are there for her.
I had one of those weeks last week and recovering my attitude sucked up most this week. A good friends grandfather had open heart surgery and my aunt has been told to get her affairs in order. Looking for ways to comfort all involved and trying to think of ways to engage in conversation without creating stress for all has been difficult. Deep breaths. Will be keeping your friend in thought