Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First Night

Ado and I spent the first night in our new home.

My bed--a Japanese shikibuton--arrived earlier in the day, so I lugged it to the Jeep, folded down the seats, and slid it in. It took longer to get the mattress out of the box and the heavy plastic it was wrapped in than it did to get it to the Jeep, in the Jeep, out of the Jeep, then into the house. Once the shikibuton was unrolled, I stretched out on it. I snuggled into its firm support. An hour later, I awoke, totally surprised at having fallen asleep.

The simplicity of the shikibuton suits me. No ornate headboard or footboard. No box spring to have to wrestle with. Just a mattress. I do think I'll raise it off the floor, though. I truly want the mattress to last for many years. After reading about how to care for the shikibuton, I learned mold/mildew can be a problem if the mattress is left laid out on the carpet, so having it off the floor seems like a good way to go. If I decide to go without the platform, I'll have to roll the mattress each morning, which won't be an issue. It's easy enough to manage.

When I returned to the house later in the evening after going to get some dinner, loading my laundry basket with a few things to move, and taking Ado for a walk, I watched as Ado intently inspected the different rooms. I read for awhile. He checked things out, being particularly interested in looking out the sliding glass doors that lead to the back deck. I finally turned the light out and settled in under the quilt. Ado continued to sniff wherever his nose took him. Enough light filtered through the curtains at the sliding glass doors that I could see him moving around the room. About twenty minutes later, he came over and laid down beside me.

Throughout the night, Ado would get up to check things out. Being able to see outside seemed to fascinate him. He would go to the doors, find the spot where the curtains part, and nudge them aside. When he was satisfied, he'd return to take his spot next to me. Around six o'clock, he decided it was time to get up and began his usual cold nose to my face routine.

Though we both didn't get a great night's sleep, it was good. And good is good enough.

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