Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Small Fish Steals My Heart

Death-defying Alpha
Meet Alpha. Who, two years after the very tragic deaths of Frank and Andy the goldfish, now resides in the bowl that was their home. Who last Friday was, for all intents and purposes, knocking on Death's door himself (after only a week of being in his new home!). Lying sideways on the bottom of the bowl. Very obviously gasping his last breaths. My colleagues saying, "Ummm, yeah. He's not long for this world." But I wasn't about to give up on him. No. Not this time. Not Alpha. So I put warm water in a smaller container and transferred Alpha to it. I put food in the container. You know, just in case he made it and was hungry. I set him on the heater in a colleague's office. And we left campus for the weekend, all of us thinking we would return on Monday to face a sad scene.

Monday morning, my colleague came to me when I arrived to work, and said, "Alpha lives!"

Stunned, I followed her to her office. I peered into the container. Seeing Alpha swimming around made my heart swell.

I have since put a heater in Alpha's bowl, and each day now, I enjoy his graceful and elegant presence.

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