Monday, August 5, 2013

My Slow Life Movement

For the last month I've been asking Mother Nature to grace us with a beautiful day for our garden harvest party evening. That day came yesterday, and we couldn't have had a more lovely evening to sit outside and visit with friends. I was so thankful for the sunshine and even more thankful for the cool temps. Though I was happy Mother Nature spread her arms wide and did her magic, I was somewhat sad that so many of my friends and family didn't join us. And as we sat there, eating and talking, I listened to several say, "I can't stay long. I have to do _____________." Unfortunately, the ripple effect took place and as soon as one person left, others followed suit. It was almost a fast-food event.

What happened to slowing down, truly slowing down and enjoying just being? Why is there a need to overlap activities, making it impossible to relax and give one's full attention to just the one event?

I did enjoy all the work leading up to the garden harvest party--the painted chairs and the table we made from the pallets, the jams and relish, and the gardens themselves. Having the garden harvest party allowed me to be creative and productive. And seeing someone walking past the house look over, see all the color, and smile as they continue on their way makes me smile.

Now, with the garden harvest party over and having to return to work just a week away, I'm going to slow down even more to soak up the last remnants of what has been one of the best summers I've ever had.


Thryn said...

Hi, J! You lived in TN long enough to expect folks to "hang" for the evening! That's the southern way of doing it. :) I remember that was also the greatest frustration of my friend Pam when she moved to CO. She'd invite folks over for dinner and they'd make plans for "after dinner" that didn't include her! NOT DONE in TN!

JK said...

I certainly prefer the southern way. I remember some get togethers that lasted late into the evening. And it was just eating, talking, sometimes sharing whatever anyone was working on. Truly sharing. I miss that.