Sunday, March 24, 2013

From 48 and Sunny to 33 with Wind and Snow

Here we are, March 24, and the snow is falling, the wind blowing. Nearly all day. This after yesterday with temps near 50, a slight breeze out of the NE, and lots of sun. This after being able to get 33 miles in--33 lovely, wonderful miles.

I'm officially over winter. While I love winter and being able to slow down, collect myself, I'm tired of being cold. I actually went to the thermostat today and kicked it up five degrees because I just couldn't get warm. I'm the one in the family who usually runs warm and can't stand anything over 65 degrees. Not so today. Shivering, even wrapped in a cozy sweatshirt, I punched it up to 69 much to the surprise of my family. I didn't hear any complaining happening.

Yesterday's ride did put me at the 10% mark for the number of days I'm hoping to cycle this year. My goal is 200 days, and I am now officially at 20 days. Slowly but surely I'm making a dent in the mileage I want to reach as well. My goal of 7000 miles is looking lofty with only 161 miles to date, but there's a lot of year left. If this darn snow and cold would just give it up, I'd be able to get more days and miles in. It is nearly April for Heaven's sake.

On the bright side, maybe, just maybe, I'll get that elusive snow day tomorrow. The snow is supposed to continue through the night. I can hear the wind as I sit here at my desk. Maybe, just maybe . . ..

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